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DYWIDAG-Systems International USA Inc. is part of the international DSI Group. DSI´s scope of business is the development and application of Post-Tensioning and Geotechnical Systems for the Construction industry.

DYWIDAG-Systems International USA Inc. was incorporated in 1969, in the State of New York.  We have grown over the last 40 years and today provide our high quality products and systems from a network of multiple sales offices and production facilities strategically positioned around the US to meet our customers needs and project scheduling requirements.


Our nationwide business is divided into two areas:

Post-Tensioning, Stay Cable and Reinforcing Systems

DYWIDAG Systems and Products have been used for decades in bridge construction, the construction of commercial and private buildings, for tanks and for many other engineering structures above and below ground as well as off-shore.  We are also heavily involved in the repair and rehabilitation of structures.
Unbonded Monostrand Post-Tensioning, Barrier Cable and Form Tie Systems are used in parking structures, high rise buildings, residential construction and many other applications.  They also offer an economical alternative for light commercial and heavy industrial construction as well as for sports courts and paving.

Geotechnical Products and Systems

DSI’s anchor and piling systems and related product line are used for a wide variety of geotechnical applications such as the stabilization of slopes and excavations, substructure foundation needs as well as the counteraction of uplift forces for both new structures and for the rehabilitation of existing structures.


 As a leading supplier and specialist subcontractor for post-tensioning and related techniques, DSI provides complete services. Backed by many years of experience in all types and scopes of construction projects, DSI specialists support the client in every project phase from planning to the supply of high quality DSI systems and the execution of work on the construction site, including quality management and monitoring services.

Systematic research in the fields of materials, structural engineering and construction methods has provided DSI with a constant flow of innovative ideas. Progressive development, combined with a commitment to the highest quality standards, is DSI's response to the changing needs of current and future construction markets.


The DSI business philosophy is based on the establishment and cultivation of a trustworthy business relationship with its clients. Irrespective of circumstances, DSI is committed to fulfilling the tasks entrusted by its clients  - always in accordance with its

Local Presence - Global Competence.