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DYWIDAG-Systems International USA Inc. is part of the
international DSI Group.

DSI´s scope of business is the development and application of Post-Tensioning and Geotechnical Systems for the Construction industry.

DYWIDAG-Systems International USA Inc. was incorporated in 1969, in the State of New York. We have grown over the last
40 years and today provide our high quality products and systems from a network of multiple sales offices and production facilities strategically positioned around the US to meet our customers needs and project scheduling requirements.


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For more information, please call:
+1 630 739 1100 or e-mail:

Featured Project

St. Croix Crossing, USA

St. Croix Crossing, USA

The St. Croix Crossing: DYWIDAG Bar Reinforcement Saves Time and Money

Opened in 1931, Stillwater Bridge is a lift bridge that crosses the St. Croix River between Stillwater, Minnesota and Houlton, Wisconsin. Within the last few years, the historic bridge became a bottleneck for traffic because of its out-dated lifting mechanism. Furthermore, it was beginning to show structural deficits. Consequently, work has begun on a new, four-lane bridge approx. 1.6km downstream of the Stillwater Bridge. After completion of the new structure, the historic bridge will only be used by pedestrians and cyclists. The new...


Large Retail Center, USA

Large Retail Center, USA

DYWIDAG Strand Anchors prevent Settlements at a large Retail Center

25 miles south of Birmingham, Alabama, USA, a steep slope located adjacent to a large retail center was reinforced by a Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) Wall. After the completion of the MSE Wall, settlement was detected at the building foundation. The settlement resulted both from the forces applied by the structure above and the instability of the soil both under the building and behind the wall. The foundation of the shopping center settled nearly 90cm (3ft). The MSE Wall was additionally stabilized using three rows of anchored...


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DSI People

DSI People

DSI USA’s Dave Martin is nominated Vice President of the PTI’s Board of Directors


DYWIT offers an extensive product range to solve different problems on the job site. DYWIDAG Bar Anchor Systems are very easy to apply and can be...

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