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Structural Repair & Strengthening

Structural Repair and Strengthening

Structural Repair and Specialty Equipment

As a leader in construction technologies, DSI has ventured into the development of specialty equipment to support the needs of new construction techniques and the investigation and repair of existing structures. Our systematic research in the fields of materials, structural engineering and construction methods has provided us with a constant flow of innovative solutions. Progressive development, combined with a commitment to the highest quality standards, is DSI’s response to the changing needs of current and future construction markets.

Post-Tensioning, Stay Cable and Reinforcing Systems

DYWIDAG Systems and products have been trusted for decades in the construction of bridges, commercial and private high-rise buildings, sports facilities, paving, tanks and many other engineered structures.

Geotechnical Products and Systems

DSI’s anchor and piling systems and related product lines are used for a wide variety of geotechnical applications such as the stabilization of slopes and excavations, substructure foundation needs and the counteraction of uplift forces for both new structures and for the rehabilitation of existing structures.

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