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DYWIDAG Concrete Accessories

Concrete Accessories


Applications for DYWIDAG Form Ties
Applications for DYWIDAG Form Ties
  1. Thru Tie with wing nuts and flat bearing plates on wooden wales
  2. Taper Tie with wing nut brackets on metal wales
  3. Shebolt with wing nut bracket and batter washer and waterstop welded onto THREADBAR® inner rod
  4. Hex nut and plate securing setting cone and radiused anchor (climbing cone replaces setting cone to hold jumped forms)
  5. Combination plate on shebolt for one-sided form
  6. Wing nut bracket
  7. Combination plate
  8. Coupler
  9. Offset coupler
  10. THREADBAR® resin anchor in concrete
  11. Shotcrete wall
  12. Brace frame double anchor with coupler
  13. Welded angle bracket on H-Pile
  14. Threaded sleeve anchor
  15. THREADBAR® soil nail
  16. THREADBAR® resin anchor in rock
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