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DYWIDAG Concrete Accessories - THREADBAR®

Concrete Accessories


The original THREADBAR® is hot-rolled, high strength steel with two flat sides in the thread pattern that allow gripping and turning of the bars with a crescent wrench. The flat sides facilitate self-cleaning with each stripping operation. DYWIDAG THREADBAR® and accessories have been used around the world for decades.


The continuous coarse threads on all DYWIDAG Form Tie components mean quick installation and stripping. The threads resist handling damage and remain threadable even when dirty or rusty.

DYWIDAG’s high load capacities allow greater spacing for fewer ties and lower labor costs.

DYWIDAG ties are 50% lighter than conventional ties. Their lightweight and high strength features save on shipping and labor costs.

The bars are available in mill lengths and can be cut to fit and/or spliced at any point without reduction in strength or threadability.

DYWIDAG THREADBAR® vs. Conventional High Tensile Coil Rod

5/8" THREADBAR®3/4" Coil Rod7/8" THREADBAR®1" Coil Rod
Steel Grade (KSI)160120160120
Ultimate Load (kips)43.83878.475
Weight (#/LF)
Bendability (Around a 6D Pin)yesnoyesno
Threadability (After Surface Rusting)yesnoyesno
Certified Mechanical Propertiesyes?yes?
Mill Lengths19'1"20'&12'38'9"20'&12'
Stripping Speed (Threads per inch)Faster (2.5)Slower (4.5)Faster (2.5)Slower (3.5)
Jobsite HandlingRounded Threads:
More Durable
Sharper Threads:
Subject to Damage
Rounded Threads:
More Durable
Sharper Threads:
Subject to Damage
Convenient End Hardware CompatibilitySame SizeVarious Sizes
Depending on System
Same SizeVarious Sizes
Depending on System
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