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DYWIDAG Taper Ties

DYWIDAG Taper Ties

All Steel Taper Ties

DYWIDAG Taper Ties are machined from a single high strength steel bar. The taper is milled to the appropriate length and diameter.

Both ends of the tie are turned down to the same diameter and threaded to allow the same size hardware to be used on both ends.

The rugged and fast DYWIDAG thread pattern (2-1/2 threads per inch) is utilized, resulting in much less time required for stripping, setting and cleaning.



Thru Ties

DYWIDAG Thru Ties, available with THREADBAR®, are sheathed with PVC sleeves and buttressed by reusable plastic cones. This system ensures accurate form spacing and the coarse threading makes installation and stripping quick and easy.
The resulting convenience and labor savings make these ties popular worldwide.


DYWIDAG Shebolts


Available in three sizes, the threaded portions of DYWIDAG Shebolts incorporate standard THREADBAR®. The inner rods also use the standard THREADBAR®.

This combination provides a cost-effective and rugged tie that can be adapted to difficult installations.

DYWIDAG Euro Pass-Thru

Euro Pass-Thru

DYWIDAG Euro Pass-Thru Shebolt is a streamlined version of the conventional shebolt and designed to work with both the small European form panel tie holes, as well as with the conventional forming systems.

It is manufactured from high strength steel with the smooth tapered portion milled to the appropriate length and diameter. The end of the shebolt utilizes DYWIDAG rugged and fast (2-1/2 threads per inch) thread pattern and has many outside diameter variations to fill the needs of the different form panel tie holes.

The most common outside diameter is 7/8"-20mm. It also utilizes DYWIDAG’s fast and versatile THREADBAR® innerrods, which carry loads of 43.8 kips for the 5/8"system and 78.4 kips for the 7/8"system.

DYWIDAG Shebolt Cones

Shebolt Cones

Works with THREADBAR®. Cone shape seals hole for no leakage and clean finish. Suitable for any application where conventional shebolts are used. Tail length can be easily adapted to accommodate any form dimension.

Works with the standard pre-drilled 1" and 1-1/8" European hole diameters. Internally spaces wall form and creates a 2" setback from the face of the wall to end of inner rod.

DYWIDAG Welded Angle Bracket

DYWIDAG One-sided forming off steel

Welded Angle Bracket

Available for both 5/8" and 7/8" THREADBAR®, the threaded pin swivels up to +/– 45°. The welded angle bracket is mainly used on H-piles below grade for one-sided forming applications. This bracket adapts easily to both domestic or European form hole diameters. Note that the THREADBAR® needs to be fully engaged with the threaded pin.

The strengths listed on the chart for the DSI WELDED ANGLE BRACKET were determined based on FULLFILLET WELDS along the B dimension of each side of the bracket. DSI assumes no responsibility nor liability for this welded connection.

DYWIDAG Welded Neck Flange

Welded Neck Flange

The DSI WELDED NECK FLANGE offers an economical solution for one sided forming off steel where angle tying is not required. The strengths listed on the chart were determined based on a 1/4" fillet weld completely around the base of the Neck Flange. DSI assumes no responsibility nor liability for this welded connection.

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