Replacement of an existing bridge over the Ohio River between Ohio and West Virginia

Pomeroy-Mason Bridge over Ohio river, Pomeroy, Ohio, USA

The construction of this new stay cable bridge designed to replace an existing bridge over the Ohio River between Pomeroy, Ohio, and Mason, West Virginia, started in spring 2003. For the Southeast region of Ohio, it is considered a significant milestone in the development and expansion of a safe and efficient transportation system.

Due to its diamond shaped towers and a bridge deck with edge girders and floor beams, it appears more elegant than the old steel truss structure. With spans of 74 + 205 + 74m and a deck width of 23m, the 96 cables range from 19x0.6" to 61x0.6". On this project, the reliable DYNA Grip® Anchorage System is used. The waxed and sheathed strands of each stay cable, which will remain ungrouted inside their common PE pipe, were stressed individually using the Con-Ten method. In addition, the diamond shaped towers were secured using 352 DYWIDAG Bar Tendons, 46mm, gr 835/1030. DSI USA supplied the post-tensioning and stay cable materials, as well as the under-slung form travellers, and assisted in assembling the form travellers.

The side spans were built on false work and the two form travellers allowed simultaneous construction of both cantilever halves of the main span. A challenge on this project was complying with the project specification requirements for air pressure by testing the post-tensioning ducts for leaks before and after pouring the concrete.


Ohio Department of Transportation - District 10, Marietta, Ohio, USA


JV Mahan/National, Grove City, Ohio, USA

Consulting Engineers

URS Corporation, Cincinnati, Ohio | Tampa, Florida, USA


C. J. Mahan Construction Company, LLC, Grove City, Ohio, USA


National Engineering, Strongsville, Ohio, USA


Baker Engineering & Energy, Moon Township, PA, USA


Janssen & Spaans Engineering, Inc., Indianapolis, USA

DSI Unit

DSI USA, BU Post-Tensioning, USA

DSI Scope

Supply of 227 t post-tensioning and stay cable materials (96 cables range from 19x0.6" to 61x0.6", DYNA Grip® Anchorages, 352 DYWIDAG Bar Tendons, 46 mm, gr 835/1030), under-slung form travellers; assistance at assembling the form travellers

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