New Landmark for World-Famous Western Event: Elbow River Bridge, Canada

The western Canadian city of Calgary in the province of Alberta now features a new landmark: The Elbow River Bridge. The bridge is an environmentally friendly stay cable bridge that received the Award of Excellence from the consulting engineers of Alberta.

The bridge is designed for cars, bikes and pedestrians and leads over the Elbow River in Stampede Park. Thanks to the new bridge, the south-eastern part of the park is now more closely connected to the surrounding communities, and the communities of Ramsey and Beltline, which are located near the park, are relieved from traffic.

The concept of the Elbow River Bridge is very different from that of conventional bridges: The concrete bridge deck is only supported by two 23m high pylons at the eastern shore of the river and leads over the river without any additional pylons. The deck was built on falsework consisting of eight 44m long steel girders that were removed after the stays were stressed.

DSI Canada was involved in this project from the beginning of the planning stage and closely co-operated with the engineers during construction. The project was characterized by an extremely tight schedule of only nine months. On the one hand, the short construction time resulted from the condition that the new bridge be finished in time for the Calgary Stampede held in early July. With horse shows, rodeos and many other highlights, this world-famous 10 day event commemorates the pioneer era in Canada’s West.

On the other hand, construction had to be finished before the beginning of the snowmelt in order to eliminate eventual bridge damage caused by flood waters. DSI Canada supplied a total of 28 Type DG-P19 DYNA Grip® Stay Cables that were installed in less than two months, thus allowing a safe removal of the falsework before the beginning of the high water period. In addition, DSI also supplied DYWIDAG Strand Post-Tensioning Systems for the completely post-tensioned bridge deck.

Due to the proximity of the bridge abutment to the barns used for the Calgary Stampede, the bridge features a very low cross section.


Calgary Stampede, Calgary, Canada

General Contractor

Graham Construction, Calgary, Canada

Consulting Engineers

CH2MHILL Construction Canada, Calgary, Canada

DSI Unit

DSI Canada Ltd., Western Division, Surrey, Canada

DSI Scope

Supply and installation of 28 Type DG-P19 DYNA Grip® Stay Cables; supply of DYWIDAG Strand Post-Tensioning Systems; technical assistance

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