DYNA Grip® Stay Cables relieve Junction in Aguascalientes, Mexico

Arch Bridges are often used because of their simple and economic design and are particularly important in Latin America. Due to these advantages, the city of Aguascalientes in central Mexico, which is known for its thermal springs, now includes a new arch bridge.

The new structure is now an efficient access to the city center from the south and relieves one of the most traffic congested junctions in Aguascalientes.

The 700m long bridge leads across José María Chávez Street and consists of an arch structure that supports the roadway with post-tensioned stay cables. In its end section, the bridge was constructed as a traditional bridge resting on columns. The bridge has a maximum incline of 6.5% and employs two lanes on a bridge deck that is 16m wide.

For the two parallel arches with a main span of 150m, DSI supplied a total of 34 galvanized, waxed and PE-coated Type DG-P 19 DYNA Grip® Stay Cables with a total weight of 16t.

Falsework was utilized for the main span of the bridge deck as well as the steel box arch beams in order to stabilize the bridge construction during assembly. Afterwards, the stay cables were individually installed into anchorages located in the steel box girder arch and connected to the steel box girders supporting the bridge deck.

The DYNA Grip® Stay Cables were then anchored and post-tensioned inside the hollow box girder at the anchorage blocks.

The assembly of the stay cables and the tensioning work proved to be difficult because temperatures inside the box girder reached 55°C (130 F). Stressing was accomplished by tensioning individual strands inside the girder using the patented Conten System.


Municipality of Aguascalientes, Mexico

General Contractor

Constructora San Marcos S.A. de C.V., Mexico


Constructora San Marcos S.A. de C.V., Mexico


Ingeniera Sigma, S.A., Mexico

DSI Unit

DYWIDAG-Systems International USA Inc., BU Post-Tensioning, West, USA

DSI Scope

Supply and installation of 34 Type DG-P 19 DYNA Grip® Stay Cables

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