DYWIDAG Tie Rods create better Access: New Pier on Akutan

Among its other operations, Trident Seafoods, the largest seafood producer in North America, also operates a seafood plant on Akutan Island in the Aleutians, a chain of islands that belongs to Alaska. Since the island only has a very small amount of infrastructure, Trident Seafoods has its own dock for the fishing boats that supply its plant.

In order to expand the docking capacity of the facility, a new quay wall was built at the east dock. To construct the new quay wall, a 305m long sheet pile wall was built that was tied back with DYWIDAG Tie Rods into load-bearing soil.

To tie back the sheet pile wall, DSI USA supplied a total of 170 Ø 57mm double corrosion protection (DCP) DYWIDAG Tie Rods in lengths between 21 and 40m. In addition, 11 Ø 43mm DCP DYWIDAG Tie Rods in lengths between 13 and 16m were supplied.

All tie rods featured cover caps on both ends and were supplied to the job site with accessories such as couplers, nuts and ducts.


Trident Seafoods Inc., USA

General Contractor

Western Marine Construction, Inc., USA

Consulting Engineers

Northern Geotechnical Engineering, Inc., USA

DSI Unit

DYWIDAG-Systems International USA, Inc., BU Geotechnics, USA

DSI Scope

Production, supply

DYWIDAG Products

170 Ø 57mm DYWIDAG Tie Rods, 11 Ø 43mm DYWIDAG Tie Rods

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