DYWIDAG Soil Nails stabilize a Slope in Puerto Rico’s most popular National Park

El Yunque National Park in northeastern Puerto Rico is a cool, subtropical rain forest that is visited by 1.4 million tourists every year and therefore forms part of the most popular nature reserve in the Caribbean.

The annual amount of precipitation at the 1,067m high El Yunque Mountain amounts to approximately 3,400mm. Together with some hurricanes, the heavy rainfalls have caused over 100 landslides over the years.

The main access road to the national park, PR 191, has also been affected by several landslides and had to be closed for stabilization work.

DSI Construction USA was asked to contribute to one of these slope stabilization measures along PR 191. The slope was stabilized by a 12.8m (42ft) tall gabion wall that was tied back in the slope using DYWIDAG Soil Nails.

The unique feature of this project was that the drilling process had to be carried out as the gabion wall was being completed.

The DYWIDAG Soil Nails were anchored at a minimum depth of 6.1m (20ft) into the rock to reach a load-bearing capacity of 15t.

DSI USA produced and supplied 56 epoxy coated, 32mm Ø, 75ksi DYWIDAG Soil Nails with 45.7 x 45.7cm (18" x 18") bearing plates for this project.


US Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration, USA

General Contractor

TAMRIO INC., Puerto Rico


Carro & Carro Enterprise Inc., Puerto Rico


US Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration, USA


Eastern Federal Lands Highway Division, USA

DSI Unit

DYWIDAG-Systems International USA Inc., BU Geotechnics, USA

DSI Scope

Production, supply

DYWIDAG Products

56 epoxy coated, 32mm Ø DYWIDAG Soil Nails

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